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About TBH

The Temple of the Boundless Heart is a radical church born of 21st century dystopia. The Temple is a living system designed to be a non-coercive, egalitarian, and revolutionary humanist movement for anyone that hopes to maintain authenticity, optimism, and love in the upside-down maze of suffering, dysfunction, and corruption that is modern life.

The Temple does not claim to have the answers to life's questions, we simply propose that people support each other in seeking out those answers together with a full heart and an open mind. We offer a framework for doing just that.

Is this a Religion? What are your beliefs?
This is not a religion in the sense of having a spiritual dogma or making unproveable claims about the nature of reality. We do offer some common beliefs about the world we live in:

We are one human family. All people deserve to live healthy, fulfilling lives of their own design. All creation, all experience, is sacred. Belief in God, Goddess, spirituality, magick, or any other subjective idea is a personal choice, and there are no prescriptions for belief within the Temple. We oppose all dogma and seek only to empower people to be true to themselves and their experience.

Respect for the individual is paramount. We don't ask that you believe in The Temple, but The Temple believes in you.

Is this a doomsday cult? 
There is no need to predict any future apocalypse. One look at social media or the news makes it clear that doomsday is today and every day. If there was ever a time to try a radical approach to life, it's right now. 

So it's a sex cult?

Nothing about the Temple prescribes or requires sex. That said, in a respectful and loving environment like the Temple, where people are encouraged to be completely honest about their feelings, sexuality does come up often. Our philosophy embraces sexuality and encourages all people to discover their relationship to it. We support every individual's right to engage as they see fit in relationships, sexual or not, with other consenting adults. We believe that relationships are entirely up to the participating individuals to define, and the Temple is founded on respect for all people's chosen connections to others. Further, we seek to eliminate all forms of coercion, control, or ownership in our relationships.

Okay what kind of cult is this then?

The Temple is the opposite of a cult. We celebrate the heretic, not the zealot. Obedience to a leader or control structure is against our creed. Our goal is to build a figurative temple, a cultural philosophy, where people are free to be exactly who they are and feel safe enough to be completely honest about it. Our ideals and actions explicitly work against "cult-leader" type personalities.

Cults are based on control and forced conformity of belief, speech, and action. We support every individual's freedom to be their deepest self and to speak their deepest truth. There is no hierarchy, and controlling behavior of all kinds goes against our precepts. Cults are also about isolating people from the rest of society. The Temple proposes a philosophy that allows people to better connect with, cooperate with, and coexist with the rest of society.

So it's a truth/freedom/love anti-cult cult that doesn't tell anyone what to do.
Yeah, sure, ok, fine, yes.

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